Can you change the world in 2 minutes?

If you really believed the answer was yes, would you do it? This is an invitation to change your mind. To shift your perspective as you walk through your day. And maybe change the world.

We use the term local love a lot, and it’s not just a practice in alliteration. Tangibly loving the people in our community is something we take seriously. Using the connections and resources we have to help others get ahead in life is our number one value that we filter all of our decisions through.

See, there’s this crazy idea that loving people isn’t as hard as we think. This morning I heard a child say, “Mom, that man is hungry… we have food!”, and I’m reminded that it really is that simple. Or it can be.


Kindness isn’t like candybars, where if I give you one, I now have one less.  Take out the organizations, and all the products that give some % back to whoever and all the thinking that in order to be a person who “makes a difference” it needs to be some big thing and just freaking reach out in love. Big things are great, but little things matter too. It just takes a willingness to have a mindset of love.

I decided to have our JJ Crew try something:
It only takes 2 minutes. Let us know if you decide to join us.

  • Set a timer on your phone for 2 minutes.
  • Get a piece of paper and write down every good thing in your life: A place to live, family love, your physical faculties, clean water, a job, a running vehicle, food to eat… Once you cover the basics, get creative.  Go for a full 2 minutes.
  • When your timer goes off, look at your list and one at a time, imagine your daily life without each of those things. How would that change you?
  • If you stop here, hopefully you have a renewed sense of gratefulness.



1. POST YOUR LIST where you can see it.

2. DETERMINE TO have your eyes open to the people you see everyday. The ones you know, ones you love and complete strangers.

3. WHEN YOU RECOGNIZE someone living their life without one of the things on your grateful list, determine to act in love and empathy. Whatever that looks like for you. Have kids? Talk to them about it. Have them help you look for big or small opportunities to reach out. (Sometimes little ones see things clearer than we do.)

— Maybe you’re a woman in your 50’s who’s grateful for your awesome mom, and you find out your young coworker just lost her mom. Reach out. Take her to coffee. Don’t second guess yourself.

— Thankful for your supportive spouse? Offer childcare to someone who doesn’t have a spouse to share the load.

— Maybe you’re moved to do something big. You are grateful for shelter. Offer your “I’m totally going to use this as a crafting room” to someone who really needs a place to stay.

We want to hear your stories. Here’s to local love, darlings.  #jj2minchallenge

xo the JJ Crew


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