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Dear Sacramento Mommas,

Maybe the only thing cuter than your kids are pictures of your cute kids with their dads.


It was an honor to capture them for you. Here’s a couple of our Dads & Darlings:

dd 15

[ greg + his girls ]

dd 17

dd 14


[ryan & his daughter]

dd 05

dd 02

dd 01

[clay & his son]

dd 07

dd 06Nich & his littles.

dd 08

dd 09

dd 12a


All images by our talented photographer,

Want in on our Mommas + Mini’s shoot?
May 24 & 31 — email: kari.shipman@gmail.com








As a company, we strive to put our best foot forward, and to make a difference with the projects we choose to take on. We’re always proud of the work we do, but this project in particular is very special to us.

Juniper James was approached by Apostrophe Magazine to style
and shoot their fall fashion feature, and we jumped at the chance.

For those of you not familiar, Apostrophe promotes inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their stories and photos show people achieving independence, contributing to their communities and enjoying life.


As someone who worked in special education for years before starting Juniper James, and a caretaker for people with disabilities in my own family, it is especially important to me to further the cause of these exceptional members of our community.


Finding a good restaurant, landing a job, shopping for a cell phone, dressing for your age and body type… things most people take for granted. In my experience, people with intellectual disabilities often have been left out of these decisions, and find themselves at the mercy of other’s choices for them. Apostrophe gives them the information they need to make choices for themselves and feel empowered as individuals with much to contribute.

In the special needs community, sad to say, personal style is an aspect that is severely lacking. It may seem a trivial point when there are so many pressing issues surrounding inclusion, education, job development etc, but at Juniper James, we really do feel that how you dress significantly effects how people treat you as a person, and impacts the level of respect you garner for your ideas and needs. Those points are paramount for members of the special needs community who are most often fighting an uphill battle for respect and equality.

There are many legitimate reasons why so many of the members of the special needs community end up dressed poorly – financial constraints, overwhelmed/overworked caretakers, lack of adequate transportation to shop for themselves… but in the spirit of inclusion, with respect and celebration of their personalities, we wanted to show off a chic, pulled together look at four special models we were so privileged to work with for this project, along with some tips for dressing your best.


We brought all our models to Article Consignment (our boutique besties),
and had a blast working with their team picking out the final looks.


Article Consignment Owner Abe Sanchez is one of our
favorite people in Sacramento. Huge heart this guy.

BELOW: Our first of four model features.




Our first model Alex has an infectiously happy personality that lights up a room. Adopted at 10 days old by her awesome family, she brings joy and optimism to everyone she interacts with.  Through family tragedies of losing her dad to a heart attack, and her mom becoming wheelchair-bound after a paralyzing stroke, her incredibly loving and gentle spirit is the glue that makes it possible for she and her mom to live full, amazing lives independently-together.


Alex’s days are filled with competitive sports (basketball, bowling and Special Olympics), taking fitness classes at the gym, helping out at church and her job at Goodwill Industries.

She budgets her paycheck and regularly plans fun outings for her and girlfriends. She recently left a fantastic theater arts program to pursue her college career – bravo miss Alex.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

For the girl who loves sparkles, we opted to skip the hot pink glitter and went for a chic, more age-appropriate look that still embodies her personality. Plenty of shimmer steals the show and is paired with a pop of rich color with the plum clutch. Sleek hair and a neutral makeup palette pull it all together for a grown up, sophisticated look.



———————Stay tuned for part two of our Apostrophe shoot,
featuring Lacey and her story———————————









And we chose to celebrate by putting on a Bicycle Fashion Show
at The Crocker Art Museum, as part of their monthly #artmix event.

We asked nine women from our community who we admire, of all
sizes & nationalities to model for a photoshoot and in our fashion show.

Once again collaborating with talented Sacramento photographer Sarah Hawkins,
here’s a look at our 5 of our 9 models, in their looks styled by our JJ Crew.


model: lauren elle jaye  //  wardrobe: juniper james + freestyle

laur col 03


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

on stage images via: michael lockett


model: jamila khan  //  wardrobe: freestyle

jam col 03



model: julie gesicki  //  wardrobe: freestyle

jul col 02


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

on stage images via: michael lockett


model: meg white  //  wardrobe: freestylemeg col 01



model: zoe galgiani  //  wardrobe: freestyle // earrings: vivid venus



Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

on stage images via: michael lockett

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset




Photography by: Shockins Photography // Sarah Hawkins
Hair by: Rebecca Maggio @ Maverique Style House
Makeup by: Taylor Floyd Makeup


  • Ruthann Dittrich: event coordination
  • Marci Moore: fashion styling
  • Emily Schubert: fashion styling

For rates and booking for events or styling: email Kari — kari.shipman@gmail.com



the newest (tiny) addition to
our little Juniper James family:

FINAL addition

Our Creative Director Kari and her husband Charles are
expecting their first little one in July, and couldn’t be happier!

00ShipmanEV0A8385 final sized

The couple plan to find out the gender in the coming weeks, but for now have a
healthy little person growing and many family & friends anxious to meet and spoil them.

00ShipmanEV0A8526final sized

Being completely honest: this news has put us in the baby mood, and we’ve
been looking into all the adorable locally made baby apparel. Let’s just say,
this will be one local-lovin’ well-dressed baby.

00ShipmanEV0A8456 final sized

Look forward to our site featuring maternity style posts & local kids/baby
clothes designer posts in our soon-coming series: Junebug

00ShipmanEV0A8378 final sized

We’ll keep you in the loop on the littlest Shipman in the
coming months (and all the tiny local clothes we find & love).

with love & excitement – the JJ Crew


We work with so many wonderfully talented creatives & this shoot was no exception.
A huge thanks to Tiffanie of Time to Capture Portraiture. She was so easy to work with and excited to capture these first special moments of Kari & Charles’ joy at becoming parents.

Check out Time to Capture Portraiture & book your
maternity session, graduation, family portraits & more.

[Kari’s wardrobe by Juniper James]
[Necklace handmade by Vivid Venus]



It’s been a wild ride of a year! We started out the year as a
fashion consulting company, and ended the year as not
only that, but owning the Juniper James Boutique!

year in review

2013 was full of events (organized & attended), being in/on the news, meeting amazing creatives, and the ups & downs of running, merchandising, stocking & promoting our awesome little boutique.

Our (above featured) highlights include:

  • Being in the inaugural Flywheel Incubator Class
  • Moving into the Flywheel retail space with our fellow members
  • Sacramento Fashion Week
  • Being hired as the stylist for the first music
    video shot at The Crocker Art Museum
  • Working with tons of talented photographers, hair, makeup artists and fellow stylists.
  • Participating in the Local Love event at Crocker Art
  • Live-covering the Oscar’s Red Carpet Fashion for Channel 10
  • Features in
    – SacMag,
    – Sacramento News & Review,
    Sacramento Bee
    Sacramento Press
    Comstock Magazine
    – & more.
  • Speaking to Design & Fashion Students for Sacramento Fashion Week.
  • Winning awards for our Juniper James
    Walk a Mile in Her Shoes team fundraising (starting our 2014 team soon!)
  • All our lovely (transformed) styling clients throughout the year – we love you!
  • Participating in & promoting TOM’s Day Without Shoes
  • Bringing on 2 new JJ Crew members:
    — Ruthann: our events coordinator
    — Marci: shop merchandising & assistant stylist
  • Becoming owner of the Juniper James Boutique (!!)
  • Featuring & selling dozens of local artists’ work at our shop.
  • Live on Chanel 40 for fun charity fundraiser segments
  • Walking the runway for a number of Sacramento-based charities
  • Continuing to blog for Thrift Town –
    recycle reuse, shop local & support charities!
  • Asked to return as a judge for this year’s Indie Fashion Challenge
  • Event coordinator for THIS IS MIDTOWN: June, July, August & September
  • A number of appearances on Good Day Sacramento
    with our good friend Phoebe of The Dress Fiend.
  • Returning for our 3rd year as the Retail & Restaurant
    Coordinator for the week-long Launch Design Festival
  • Shooting our first lookbook
  • And finally, surviving the crazy holiday retail season at the Boutique.



 To all our friends, fellow creatives, co-conspirators, supporters and customers
– we love you and couldn’t have had the awesome year we did without you!
Here’s to an incredible 2014!


STYLIST DIARIES: black is the new black


This week’s street style look is notable because it’s understated. If you love fashion and have a penchant for expressing yourself, you’ll do it no matter what. Not for others, but for yourself. And sometimes even, despite others.

For those who don’t work for themselves, there are rules and standards required at work, and that can span anywhere from “Professional Dress” to being handed a uniform with your orientation packet. We picked this week’s street style look because this was a girl who had limits on her at-work look but still totally has her own style.

Brandy works at a makeup counter where she’s required to wear all black.
here’s our video of her look:

street style }

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/GIOW2K9JyXw?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

To break down her look, here’s the pieces + a couple all-black remixes:

black look 02 copy

If black’s the constraint, think pattern, texture and composition and silhouette
with small sprinkles of acceptable color (like lipstick or small stud earrings)

black look 01

 Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle!

black look 03

Ok, ok, we know. The cat tights are a bit much. Seriously just couldn’t resist.
In this look, we’re showing a couple ways to incorporate a theme while not beating you over the head with it. The geometric repetition in the necklace, earrings, the bag and even, yes, the cat ears, pull together this all black ensemble and make it anything but drab. If kitties are just not your bag (or tights & ring), throw on some black subtly geometrically patterned tights and a chunky funky silver ring. Make it yours and have fun!

Part of understanding yourself and embracing self-expression is being able to use constraints as creative motivation, instead of a compartmentalizing of your aesthetic.

Live out who you are in all areas of your life.

— xo the JJ crew —



CARH Event.

In my pre-Juniper James days, I spent years working with low-functioning children with Autism. In addition to that day-job, my husband has 3 adopted siblings with special needs. When I started Juniper James, my love for this population didn’t stop in order to focus on fashion.

Through writing on JJ about on my love for styling secondhand, I caught the attention of Thrift Town, who brought me into their company as a thrift stylist, blogger and event co-ordinator.

CARH is the local charity supported by Thrift Town, that exists in order to provide social events, and specialized heath care for people with special needs in our community. Can you say “perfect fit”?carh 16

carh 23

My lovely interns Skylar & Alicia helped with the fashion while we worked hand in hand with CARH’s Elisabeth Crawford to put on the charity’s first fundraiser fashion show.

carh 24

carh 15 carh 22

We had live music, a high end raffle, and a live auction by David Sobon’s company with delicious food and drinks to round out the experience. We were so happy to raise money for CARH to be able to continue to provide services for the beautiful clients we came to know & love.

Set at Cornerstone in Midtown Sacramento, the weather was gorgeous and the models were on cloud nine: professional hair & makeup and a great wardrobe brought it all together.

carh 03

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

All of the models were CARH’s clients with special needs (some of them were my past students!), and they walked the runway in 100% secondhand clothes from Thrift Town, styled by Elisabeth and I. The stage was set – and local celeb Kristin Marshall was emcee.

carh 10

The expressions on their faces as they walked down the runway were worth their weight in gold.

Thanks again to our emcee Kristin Marshall, and my amazing
team of women for making it such a memorable event!carh 08xo Kari & the JJ Crew