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ART IN SOLE: meet benjamins

men’s luxury in midtown:
show me the benjamins


Shoes handmade in California. Using the highest quality luxury fabrics and
traditional shoemaking techniques to bring you something incredible.

11057356_680714225371679_7525244411267292590_n Among the masses of cheap disposable fashion choices available from big box stores, an
independent retailer is making bold strides in men’s footwear here in Midtown Sacramento.


Founder & bespoke artisan, Benjamin Schwartz (above) continues to be a student
of his trade, bringing the best of an old world tradesmen’s craft and elevating it
for the modern discerning gentleman.

There is something intense about owning a pair of shoes that are truly handcrafted and custom.


We had a chance to stop by the inaugural retail location this past weekend and we

can’t wait for the grand opening. Every corner of the space is on point, a craftsman’s
workshop, and a sleek cool snapshot of the classic yet modern gentleman.


skip the trashy tabloids & get an education on style and class.

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  [ sole’s sanctuary]

BENJAMINS retail is located at
1104 R Street in the WAL retail space.

connect to BENJAMIN’S online:
website  //  on facebook  // IG + twitter: @benjaminsshoes


** top /model images via Benjamins
** additional images by Juniper James



Go ahead: Infuse bold color into your cold-weather wardrobe.


This week’s look is sweet and comfortable, while still drawing attention with bold color. We started with the dress & added accessories based on the colors in the dress pattern. The objective: look ultra feminine while staying warm.


Every girl should have a great pair of cowgirl boots.
Finding a cranberry pair for under $5 is a shopping victory.
PS: Thigh-high sweater socks are perfect for pairing with maxi’s in winter.

photo 1New Zoya gold polish is our latest beauty obsession via GlossyBox. The perfect subdued &
shiny color for this look, and hasn’t chipped or peeled after a week! Thanks to darling Emily
of Sacramento’s best beauty blog, The Emery Board for our GlossyBox subscription!


When shopping secondhand, once you check for major imperfections, the real deal is in the details.  Stitching, construction, color consistency: make sure it’s up to snuff. Building a wardrobe of well-made pieces with delightful details (for less) is one of the main perks of shopping secondhand.

Going on 5 years with these boots and they’re still a favorite find.


solo 02sm

. . . . .004Sunset & shadows.

005A skinny belt or tie in a bold color (even paired with a bold pattern) really helps to pull it all together and creates symmetry and balance. Whatever your size, placing it at your smallest part draws attention there, visually cinching you in for a smaller overall look.

Local places we love to shop secondhand:
French Cuff Consignment, Article Consignment, Freestyle, Thrift Town & Goodwill


If you want to shop smarter, overhaul your closet or just reimagine your look, email us at kari.shipman@gmail.com: We’ll send you our rates and set up an appointment.


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