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We teamed up again with talented photographer
Sarah Hawkins to shoot our Love Letters Looks ~ enjoy!


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to embrace the ultra-feminine
with demure florals, rich lovely hues and of course, a rouge lip.

[Models: Autumn Sky, Jennifer Beile, Nicole Dove]

group_01Keep your look grounded with deep burgundies
and blacks, paired with peachy and creamy colors.

JEN COLL 02The perfect untamed wave, glowing skin and a red lip punch up this floral look.

JENN COLL 03[handmade black cascading necklace, by ShopJust: $32]
[perfectly floral dress: $46] [vintage burgundy belt: $14]

NIC COLL 01[vintage beaded pink sweater dress: $38]
[local handmade black arrowhead necklace, by Real Life Doll House: $52]
[grey leather vintage clutch with strap: $28]

AUT COLL 01[vintage black dress: $42]  [creme lace blouse: $28]
[local handmade pink stone necklace, by Vivid Venus: $40]



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Check out our talented photographer, Sarah Hawkins.

Shockins Photography


CLASSIC CASUAL MIX-UP: tiffany’s closet


We love what we do, and always have fun with our clients,
but to be perfectly honest — Tiffany may be one of our favorites.
tiffany c 2I mean – look at her! So sweet & petite, a ringer for Reese
Witherspoon (who also happens to be her style icon – perfecto)
We are usually helping a client hone in on their style and then need to do a lot of shopping, but this girl knows her style and has super cute clothes, so why were we going through her closet?
She has GREAT pieces but needed help to put it all together. As Skylar and I went through her closet piece by piece, we were giddy: one by one we checked off our list of pieces we felt she should have to rock her figure in her style. Instead of a purging –> giant shopping list situation we got to play dress up and put together a ton of different mix-and-matchable outfits while teaching her the “how and why” everything works together.
tc 13
Here are a couple of her dressier looks, and as you can see, a lot of mix-and-match going on: The perfect black skinnies, the peep-toe leopard heels, the peplum blazer — so versatile!
This blue dress is actually a fancy cocktail dress with bold details that we were able to tone down and style as a dressy business look (with a POP!) to give it more life than that one party where she had a lot of pictures taken and now it’s done.
For her casual looks, there were so many fun options. Here’s just a handful of the looks:
tc 12
Tiffany specifically asked for direction for her everyday casual wear, so we gave her a lot of options! Perfect black skinnies + flats were her base, and we switched out from there. End result is casual, classic and pulled together while still being completely comfortable.
We believe in teaching a girl to style, instead of just styling her and moving on. So, all these looks & more are a part of her LOOK BOOK, that she can now flip through on her phone for instant inspiration and recollection, as well as we made a custom Pinterest Board for her.
Her board has outfit inspirations based on specific pieces in her wardrobe, tips & tricks for styling (tucking, cuffing, belt tying etc) and items from her GET LIST to actually click-buy-love.
Want the Juniper James girls in YOUR CLOSET?? 
Time with our stylist team is a GREAT gift for the holidays
We style both guys and girls, so give the gift of style & confidence:

email Kari: kari.shipman@gmail.com to get started.
use promo code #eastsacmoms for a big discount on your first appointment!

Until next time, loves!
xoxo Kari & Skylar


MOMMA’S & MINI’S: now booking


If you’re a mom in the Sacramento area, NOW is your chance to get in on our Father’s Day mini-photoshoot sessions with your kids. After the success of our DADS & DARLINGS sessions for Mother’s Day gifts, we had a lot of requests for moms to get in on the action with their littles for dads.

Well, far be it from us to not give you what you want.

M+M final

 If you want in, email Kari (kari.shipman@gmail.com) ASAP,
as our Dads & Darlings shoot days filled up quick!

web 01

Once you email, just pick your time slot, receive payment info and be ready to go!
After the shoot we’ll send you a digital proof sheet and you pick your favorite 15 images.
We’ll then send you over the images you picked, ready to print, post and cherish.

web 02

Can’t wait!   xo K&S


SUMMER FRESH BASICS: standing in the GAP


When your weekend goes from one event to three, your wardrobe has to step it up. Our crew pulled some great pieces from GAP for our Friday night event, then, when Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon events came up – we got the chance to mix it up and show off the versatility of what we pulled. After the whirlwind of events, we’ve got one thing to say:

Dear GAP – we’re kinda smitten.
What do you say, let’s see where this thing goes?

gap 03  [ bright, fresh, clean & simple. ]

gap 01

the cuffed railroad girlfriend jeans add pattern, the hat and belt pull in some
texture. the BAG of course is the quintessential POP that pulls it all together.gap 02

and then, to mix it up a bit.

gap 04

tan wedges give it a bit of height and go
with the coral cardi on the little-bit-dressy vibe.

gap 14

We chose the red from a number of great bold colors, and made it run-around-townable
with this perfect worn-in jean jacket and flats. As the Friday event was all about moms,
this is a colorful pulled-together option for chasing little ones or running errands.

gap 15

Gorgeous momma Cara in the look.

gap 05

[original look we put together.]

gap 06

this mustard linen top was a huge hit!
add a coral skinny belt and some stripey patterned goodness, with
clean white eyelet shorts bringing it all together with subtle texture.

gap 07

Saturday afternoon, we mix it up with GAP’s adorable eyelet cutout dress.

gap 09

the flats keep it casual, but you could go with wedges or heels to dress it up even more.

gap 10a

the mustard top is the perfect compliment to the dress
in pulling off a sweet audrey-esque look.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

this look would usually translate to business casual. nice earrings and sensible heels…
so after we did that look, we amped it up a little (it’s all about versatility!).

gap 11

we took a casual office look and turned it into a classy/edgy night out look.
studded booties, tied-up instead of tucked-in, and a big statement necklace
and our girl is set.

Overall, as a stylist team, we see a lot of client closets chocked full of cheap, implulse-buy trendy pieces, because women buy straight off of a mannequin with no concept of proper fit, longevity or versatility. News flash: it’s better to be YOU, in functional, mix-and-matchable staple pieces that will last. We loved styling from GAP and hope our clients-to-be will be inspired to grow their wardrobe in that direction.


A huge thanks to Michael and his team at GAP for being so accommodating in the expanded events.

Our JJ Crew of stylists — proud to have you on our team. Thanks for all your hard work this week!

Thank you to our sweet hair & makeup artist Ashleigh who jumped in with both feet and saved the day for all 3 events! On Instagram: @shaymakeupcamakeup

And a big thank you to Stephanie and Emily with Westfield for the opportunity to work with these retailers and be a part of the whirlwind of events!

Cheers – Kari & the JJ Crew



Dear Sacramento Mommas,

Maybe the only thing cuter than your kids are pictures of your cute kids with their dads.


It was an honor to capture them for you. Here’s a couple of our Dads & Darlings:

dd 15

[ greg + his girls ]

dd 17

dd 14


[ryan & his daughter]

dd 05

dd 02

dd 01

[clay & his son]

dd 07

dd 06Nich & his littles.

dd 08

dd 09

dd 12a


All images by our talented photographer,

Want in on our Mommas + Mini’s shoot?
May 24 & 31 — email: kari.shipman@gmail.com






Not Kidding Around – Big News!


Here at Juniper James, we’ve been on hiatus since the arrival of my little one in July, and the last few months have been wonderful. My husband and I have had our hands full finding our rhythm as a family, and connecting with our daughter. I am choosing to continue to stay at home as a mom, and in that, was open to new partnerships that would enable me to continue making a difference, use my skills and work with great people. I am proud to say, we have found just that:

I am now the official (and exclusive) Stylist
for Kidaround Magazine.


My main undertaking is conceptualizing and styling Kidaround’s covers, starting with their March/April issue, shooting early January, and I am beyond excited to be collaborating again with our favorite photographer, Sarah Hawkins of SHockins Photography for this first issue.

I have been invited  to not just be their stylist, but also a part of the Kidaround Team, speaking into the vision for each edition, styling Kidaround to bring each issue to life in a way that helps inspire and move families forward, as well as helping to translate that over to Kidaround’s digital and social channels.

Most importantly, Kidaround has a heart that strives for what we strive for here at Juniper James – content and stories that make a difference:  They are also giving us the opportunity to periodically feature the makeover of someone special, inspiring and deserving (child fighting a terminal illness, special needs children, homeless mother, etc.).

Amidst this exciting new endeavor, we will continue to offer our individual and editorial styling services. Contact us to book your appointments starting in February!

Stay tuned – our team is looking forward to enriching the lives of families
in Sacramento with Kidaround, and making a little magic in this next year!






As a company, we strive to put our best foot forward, and to make a difference with the projects we choose to take on. We’re always proud of the work we do, but this project in particular is very special to us.

Juniper James was approached by Apostrophe Magazine to style
and shoot their fall fashion feature, and we jumped at the chance.

For those of you not familiar, Apostrophe promotes inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Their stories and photos show people achieving independence, contributing to their communities and enjoying life.


As someone who worked in special education for years before starting Juniper James, and a caretaker for people with disabilities in my own family, it is especially important to me to further the cause of these exceptional members of our community.


Finding a good restaurant, landing a job, shopping for a cell phone, dressing for your age and body type… things most people take for granted. In my experience, people with intellectual disabilities often have been left out of these decisions, and find themselves at the mercy of other’s choices for them. Apostrophe gives them the information they need to make choices for themselves and feel empowered as individuals with much to contribute.

In the special needs community, sad to say, personal style is an aspect that is severely lacking. It may seem a trivial point when there are so many pressing issues surrounding inclusion, education, job development etc, but at Juniper James, we really do feel that how you dress significantly effects how people treat you as a person, and impacts the level of respect you garner for your ideas and needs. Those points are paramount for members of the special needs community who are most often fighting an uphill battle for respect and equality.

There are many legitimate reasons why so many of the members of the special needs community end up dressed poorly – financial constraints, overwhelmed/overworked caretakers, lack of adequate transportation to shop for themselves… but in the spirit of inclusion, with respect and celebration of their personalities, we wanted to show off a chic, pulled together look at four special models we were so privileged to work with for this project, along with some tips for dressing your best.


We brought all our models to Article Consignment (our boutique besties),
and had a blast working with their team picking out the final looks.


Article Consignment Owner Abe Sanchez is one of our
favorite people in Sacramento. Huge heart this guy.

BELOW: Our first of four model features.




Our first model Alex has an infectiously happy personality that lights up a room. Adopted at 10 days old by her awesome family, she brings joy and optimism to everyone she interacts with.  Through family tragedies of losing her dad to a heart attack, and her mom becoming wheelchair-bound after a paralyzing stroke, her incredibly loving and gentle spirit is the glue that makes it possible for she and her mom to live full, amazing lives independently-together.


Alex’s days are filled with competitive sports (basketball, bowling and Special Olympics), taking fitness classes at the gym, helping out at church and her job at Goodwill Industries.

She budgets her paycheck and regularly plans fun outings for her and girlfriends. She recently left a fantastic theater arts program to pursue her college career – bravo miss Alex.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

For the girl who loves sparkles, we opted to skip the hot pink glitter and went for a chic, more age-appropriate look that still embodies her personality. Plenty of shimmer steals the show and is paired with a pop of rich color with the plum clutch. Sleek hair and a neutral makeup palette pull it all together for a grown up, sophisticated look.



———————Stay tuned for part two of our Apostrophe shoot,
featuring Lacey and her story———————————