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My good friend Michael came by to catch up today and he as always,
was impeccably dressed (and as usual, quite serious.) Thought I’d share.

Pink gingham collared shirt.

Navy tie with pink accents.

Killer structured jacket.

Nice watch. Nerd glasses.

Seriously, more men need to dress like this.

Happy Manly Monday, y’all! <3


The JJ Crew




this is noah. little person with a big lovey personality.

Style lessons from a little man:

  • make sure your clothes are ready for rowdy (weather, romp in the woods… whatever.)
  • don’t be afraid to have a little fun with what you wear
  • go for classic pieces with a bit of flair
  • factor in your personality when getting dressed


xo – the jj crew



Mister Lopez, your public is waiting…

As I bustled around backstage at the Sac Fashion Week Runway show, I was busy taking in the glamour of it all, mixed with the behind-the-scenes narrative from our intern Connor (who was also interning for SFW). Models and designers everywhere, all dressed their fashion-y best…

And then I see a burly guy walk through with a backward baseball hat, cut-off sleeves and gym shorts, paired with a scruffy unkempt face.

I wondered why they hadn’t asked the stage-hand guys to be dressed a bit more professional, since after all, it is FASHION week. Maybe just all black? Pants? A shave? Whatever. On with the show…

As we sat in the audience just feet from the runway, Connor and I weighed in on each collection. It was nice. Pretty. Well-constructed. Good music… but we were waiting for something to really reach out and grab us. I wanted to see something fresh, edgy, wearable, inspired. And then, Michael Lopez sent his models down the runway.

It was the first set that was trendy and sharp while still being approachable and feminine. The pastels, the cutouts, the cuts themselves, the collars! Everything pointed to this collection being from an experienced designer. We checked the program again. Michael Lopez… Ok, who is this guy?

The audience had an audible response to his designs on the runway, taking it all in, photographers trying to capture every angle. After the last model walked through, they all lined up waiting for their beloved designer to come take a bow…

And out walks the scruffy guy I mistook for a stagehand earlier, in all of his backward baseball hat, cutoff glory. Wait, WHAT?! The whole place was stunned and applauded. Definitely not what any of us were expecting.


A few weeks later, our busy schedules aligned, and I finally got to sit down with Michael over a burger & fries and ask about everything, namely – how? Turns out, what we all saw on the runway (on his models), although we love it, is a big departure from his usual designs. And what we saw on the runway (on Michael) is TOTALLY him. This self-taught Sacramento native goes with his gut, and creates what he likes, not what anyone else tells him he should.

The fashion world draws a particular crowd to participate in it, as well as to spectate and speculate. It’s a breath of fresh air to talk with Michael and find out it’s not a front – he really is that down to earth, that talented, and that forward-focused. He lets his work speak for him, which is rare. It’s not uncommon for fashion people to be the biggest believer in their own hype and spend so much time promoting the first thing they created that they don’t have time to actually hone their craft.

We’re wanting to see you produce something new and quality. Wow us with your innovation and skill, not your propensity to self-promote. Michael was too busy creating fashion that’s current and interesting, to go around tooting his own horn. He’s basically letting everyone figure it out for themselves.

We are big fans of Heart Boutique, and had no idea Michael was already selling his pieces there (and Heart customers have a serious thing for his work, too!) A designer who can produce pieces that hold their own on a runway, and have ready-to-wear pieces selling out at local shops too? You heard it here – he’s one to watch out for.

Take in the pics below, from the runway and a shoot at the beach:


[ beach photos by: Cait Loper // model on the ground photo by: Nilina Mason-Campbell ]


Michael’s pieces have beautiful movement. Pictures really don’t do it justice…
Here’s a video lookbook to help you  feel it.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/32189772 w=400&h=225]

Lookbook from michael lopez.

[ Music by: Still Corners. ]
[ Models: Sonia Antilla & Kristina Esfandari ]


Find Michael Lopez pieces here in Sacramento at:

Heart Boutique & Closet Candy Pop-Up Shop

[ Fauxnel by Michael Lopez @ Heart Boutique ]

[ Check out Clothing by Michael J. Lopez on FB ]
If you’re interested in carrying Michael’s pieces in your shop,
please contact Kari at: kari.shipman@gmail.com



To my devoted manly readers – Happy Monday! So, you’re an everyday guy, and it’s pretty much accepted that most of the looks you see on runways internationally don’t directly translate into wearable looks for you, right? Well, a reoccurring topic of conversation lately at Juniper James has been how surprisingly wearable and hot the Balmain Fall line is. The runway pictures are something that real men could actually wear and look dead sexy in. And here at JJ, we definitely encourage & support the men of Sacramento looking more suave.

Check out the article on Balmain’s Fall Line.

We want you to be inspired to do your version of this look. You can do it dressy, slick and suave, or casual, layered & cool. A bit more preppy & nerdy, or more vagabond & rough. Mix up your colors, layers, and textures, and for pete’s sake – start looking for that perfect statement piece jacket!

The Dressy Balmain Look: {rich colors w/ bold accents or details}

  • slim-fitted dark slacks
  • collared shirt
  • long wrapped scarf
  • vest
  • double-breasted jacket with tall structured collar & large buttons
The Casual Balmain Look: {warm neutrals with comfortable layering}

  • skinny jeans
  • layered v-neck, henley tees, & sweaters
  • long wrapped scarf with lots of volume
  • chunky combat/doc martin type boots
  • double-breasted jacket with tall structured collar & large buttons
. . . .
So if you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s (NOT just for girls) a cool image collecting site where you can “pin” any image from the internet and make themed boards of images.
{Fair warning: it’s completely addicting.}
The JJ girls have their own boards that they’re adding to every day… but for your inspiration,
check out Kari & Sky’s men boards:  Skylar’s stylish men   //  Kari’s stylish men
. . . .
Do you like the Balmain look? Would you try it?
xo JJ