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LBD. Little Black Dress.
It’s a closet staple every style list says you should have…

But what about a little white dress?

A couple years ago while thrifting, I came across something that most would pass by: a 3XL white cotton ladies nightgown with great pleat work on the top. I felt it would make an awesome dress… with a little work.

STYLIST TIP: When thrifting, there is no section that is off limits, or void of potential. I could easily just go to my size and find cute stuff (and I totally do), but I never would have found this awesome nightgown if I wasn’t willing to at least look at other sections.

I paid $1.99 and brought it home to disassemble it. I cut out a ton of fabric in the back and sized it to my shoulder width. Then just brought up the hem. I wear this dress all year round in a million ways (ok, more like 7 or 8).

photo 3

I have quite a few pictures of me in the dress from different seasons, but to clearly convey the styling options,
I went on Polyvore and made a White Dress Collection using a similar looking dress. ENJOY!

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 11.41.19 AM

Using the dress as a blank canvas, pick almost any item to pair with it, and build your outfit around it.
I started this look off with the shoes, then softened it a bit with pink.Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 11.14.40 AM

Boho Rocker.
Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 11.28.27 AM

Sweet Vintage Cinched-In Glam.

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 10.44.36 AM

Comfy Nerdy Explorer.

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 10.20.28 AM

Festival Chic.

How do you build a look? Do you go for comfort? For color?


Not Kidding Around – Big News!


Here at Juniper James, we’ve been on hiatus since the arrival of my little one in July, and the last few months have been wonderful. My husband and I have had our hands full finding our rhythm as a family, and connecting with our daughter. I am choosing to continue to stay at home as a mom, and in that, was open to new partnerships that would enable me to continue making a difference, use my skills and work with great people. I am proud to say, we have found just that:

I am now the official (and exclusive) Stylist
for Kidaround Magazine.


My main undertaking is conceptualizing and styling Kidaround’s covers, starting with their March/April issue, shooting early January, and I am beyond excited to be collaborating again with our favorite photographer, Sarah Hawkins of SHockins Photography for this first issue.

I have been invited  to not just be their stylist, but also a part of the Kidaround Team, speaking into the vision for each edition, styling Kidaround to bring each issue to life in a way that helps inspire and move families forward, as well as helping to translate that over to Kidaround’s digital and social channels.

Most importantly, Kidaround has a heart that strives for what we strive for here at Juniper James – content and stories that make a difference:  They are also giving us the opportunity to periodically feature the makeover of someone special, inspiring and deserving (child fighting a terminal illness, special needs children, homeless mother, etc.).

Amidst this exciting new endeavor, we will continue to offer our individual and editorial styling services. Contact us to book your appointments starting in February!

Stay tuned – our team is looking forward to enriching the lives of families
in Sacramento with Kidaround, and making a little magic in this next year!




MANLY MONDAY : aged to perfection


This is my good friend Paul. He’s significantly older than my usual Manly Monday subject, but no less stylish or worth getting to know. When telling a friend about him and this post, she asked if Paul and I are related. Nope. “So you just have a friend who’s over 70?” Yep. And quite a good one at that.

photo 1 (2)

I feel like Paul has been an old soul for a long time.
And I always selfishly wish I’d met him years ago so my
life could have had more years with him in it.

photo 3

Paul is practical in his style, without needing to wear things other guys his age do (read: stuffy old man clothes). He’s not out reading fashion magazines or watching E! to see what’s on trend. But in being practical, and fully himself, it has charm and panache.

photo 4

His thrifted jacket has all the little details that make it such a great find for so little.
When buying a thrifted jacket, double check all the details (no ripped seams, proper stiffness in collar, buttons, etc)  to make sure everything is in good shape, buttons especially. If it’s a vintage piece, oftentimes a few buttons are missing, which means you need to replace them all to have them match.

photo 5

photo 2

I honestly wish you could all meet him. My words and images don’t do justice to the joy this man brings to the world. His pragmatic style and almost always neutral palette aren’t a dead give-away to his vibrant and  lively spirit.

A truly wise soul, he has encouraged and inspired me more profoundly than many I’ve known for much longer. I think everyone should know someone who gets to the heart of things and sees the beauty in life and in others. Paul makes me want to be a better person. I hope that same spirit can be said for me someday.

photo 1 (4)

This bag is awesome. And so Paul.

photo 2 (3)

His handmade bag is made of buffalo hide with
clasps and details made of antlers. Yeah, I know.

photo 3 (2)

Do you know a guy with great style and even better personality?
Nominate him to be featured on Manly Monday.

email kari: kari.shipman@gmail.com





Recently found a lovely white vintage sweater for $3.00 while out thrifting.

Added skinny jeans, new favorite thrifted boots layered with thigh highs,
and a matching gifted vintage leather purse.




consignment. thrifting. vintage.

with your look. try something new & daring.

figure out where you can buy your everyday things, as well as fashion,
from a local independently owned shop, instead of a big box corporate store.

we have some fashionable, inspiring ladies here in Sac.
when you go for #2, get inspired by #4.

the people who own shops here in Sac are pretty wonderful.
it’s kind of great to have them know your style & personally connect with you.

whether it’s a small local shop, or even a big box store,
investigate the business practices where you shop.
do they give back to the community?

when you find a business worth supporting, tell your friends.
get behind people who are changing things for the better.
start something that matters.


xo the girls.



 Praising Polka Prints Particularly.

We think polka dots make everything just a bit cheerier.

This week’s look is (as always) completely thrifted,
and under $20 for the entire look.

When scouring the internet for fun polka pics, the overwhelming majority of the styles found were simply black & white. It’s not every day that one comes across color + polkadots in the same garment, so this sheer layered top was a great find, and for $3.00 – there was no passing it up.


dark denim :  $3.99 // heeled boots: $5.99
creamy cropped spotted top : $2.99 // long sleeved shrug : $1.99

 red rounds earrings : $2.49

Check out our  POLKA PARTY PIN BOARD on Pinterest.
And awhile back, actually did a DFI (Daily Fashion Inspiration) post on polka dots,
featuring a number of our lovely local bloggers.

Do you rock the dots? Why or why nots?





If you only buy what you set your mind to find,
you’re less likely end up with great pieces…
Like this vintage creme & orchid top.
Have goals but keep an open mind when thrifting.

Tucked away in the vintage section at Thrift Town, I got this top for $2.00.


xo the JJ crew



A guest post by fellow Sacramento native,
great friend of Juniper James, dad, husband, musician
& avid thrifter: Johnny Cowan

As a manly man one can not be ashamed to craft their personal style. Especially at a thrift store.

Finding sweet jeans at back-alley prices is just smart and we all want to look smart and cool for less. Thrifting is an art, but don’t be intimidated if you don’t fancy yourself an artist. I’m here to help.

As you enter the store be determined to find your perfect fit. Don’t settle for “I kinda like it,” or “It’s so cheap that it doesn’t matter if I wear it very often.” I have fallen for this trap numerous times, and even if it was only fifty cents, it’s not worth it.

Few things are more wasteful than having 1/2 a wardrobe that you only wear once. Even though you try it on every couple of days thinking, hoping…dreaming that somehow the puke orangeish-brown sweater-vest you rescued last week suddenly became bodacious over night, odds are, it probably didn’t. And that’s just lame and bad for the environment. (Anyone in the market for a puke orangeish-brown sweater-vest?)

When creating, or recreating your style,
remember that YOU make what you wear awesome,
it’s NOT the clothes that make YOU awesome.

For J. JAMES — Johnny Cowan





Shop with confidence knowing that even if you decide to wear this crazy star clad western jockey shirt that you found half way off the hanger in the back of the store (true story), YOU made that shirt look darn good, cause you wore it as an extension of your stellar personality. Soon you will discover that your friends are envious of your new found boldness and will never question your authority as a style mogul or your status as part of the male gender of our beloved species. And if they do, it’s only cause they wish they had the guts to wear what you just did.

Try something new. Put yourself out there, and rock it like you own it. –Johnny Cowan