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When dressing to the nines, the alluring show-off side of style is to go overboard on the glamorous elements. MORE sparkle, MORE textures, MORE pieces. Because it shows that you have more to show. Congratulations.

Honestly, anyone can matchy-matchy pile a crap ton of fancy things in one look. Even if the look is compiled of expensive pieces, if all together, YOU don’t shine, then you’ve missed the point.


YOU wear the clothes. The clothes don’t wear you. 
We had so many fun accessories to gussy up this killer dress, but when it came down to it, the vintage dress is a great piece and we didn’t want to clutter up the image. Strategic skin and a dress that works with & for your shape beat over-accessorizing 10 to 1.

To quote Coco Chanel, “I always take off at least one piece of jewelry
before I leave the house…to ensure that I am not overdoing it.”

[ this vintage dress is available at Article Consignment in East Sac]


OK, you got the dress and are doing it simple & chic.
Have a little fun with your makeup look!

We found this rad tutorial to coordinate with similar style elements as our look:

ref 01

 Regular glam gets a makeup upgrade when you learn how
to use your killer red lipstick to amp up your eyes as well.

________________________ BRIGHT & GLOWY. _____________________

When dressing for a party, it’s not just the dress & accessories
that should shine. Remember that strategic skin we mentioned? During
winter and party season, your skin can take a hit and look dull & dry.

A few simple tips for glowing show-stopper skin:


  • EXFOLIATE. use a gentle body scrub (or facial scrub) to buff off the dead dry skin and get those assets glowing for your night out. Especially  focus on your neck and chest.


  • HYDRATE. especially prepping for a night of cocktails, don’t forget to pre-drink (WATER). Your skin will look better, and it’s a smart move for pacing yourself throughout the night.


  • GLOW. a little shimmer goes a long way. Go easy on (or avoid) bronzer for winter, and go for a soft shimmer. But be careful, it’s easy to go overboard, and have your look go from glowy to greasy. Focus on your cheekbones & inner eye for that supple dewy look. If you’re going strapless or lower-cut, consider adding a bit of shimmer to your collarbone as well.


  •  CHEEEEEESE + WORK IT. Here’s the deal: you can have perfect skin, a killer look & still not look nearly as beautiful without these two things: a happy smile and confidence. Be that girl with the sparkling eyes and infectious laugh, who happened to also be wearing a great dress. Cause I hate to break it to you: a great dress doesn’t make up for a sullen withdrawn disposition. However your look comes together (and even if it doesn’t), people will remember your smile & attitude over your outfit. Honest.

To again quote Coco Chanel: ” It’s all about how you wear it….on whether it looks real or not. It’s about how you carry yourself and who you are as a person. It’s about being a lady.”

Whatever you wear, whatever you do tonight to ring in the new year, pledge to start off 2016 with the best, most self-loving version of YOU, not anyone else. We love you all, and have been so blessed this year to be a part of your lives, closets and community.

Here’s to another incredible year!

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We are thankful to consistently work with some of the most talented creatives in Sacramento.
A huge thank you to our crew!  Contributing on our Holiday glam shoot:

Article Consignment: dresses, shoes & accessories
Kabra Moss: hairstylist (@mapleandmoss)
Kevin Fiscus & team: photography

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Welcome to part two in our four-part collaboration with Apostrophe Magazine! The fashion issue is out in print and online – see the web article/images HERE.

[ see part one of our unique coverage  HERE featuring model Alex Shipman ]

We believe in making a difference and celebrating the beauty in people around us. We’re so proud to feature models with special needs and show off how spectacular they really are. Our team had a blast working with our models and hope you’re inspired by their full and accomplished lives.


MEET LACEY GOOD.LAC 04bLacey was born with Down Syndrome in 1989
and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2012.

Despite her diagnosis and the need to test her insulin levels throughout the day, spunky, positive and independent. Lacey’s life is anything but boring:

  • Special Olympics for many years.
  • Bowling, swimming, soccer, baseball, basketball and cheerleading.


  • While in High School, Lacey was asked to be the team manager for the Varsity Volleyball Team.  She completed the four years in working alongside the team and was able to receive her letter for her jacket.
  • LAC 02 Lacey  was able to take part in graduation and walk the stage with the rest of her classmates to receive her letter of completion.
  • Last month, Lacey was crowned queen in “The Shining Star Pageant” – a special needs beauty pageant
  • She currently attends Dream Theater ( Theatrical Arts Program) in Roseville where she performs in multiple productions a year.

She is a confident young lady who is also caring, outgoing and a heck of a lot of fun.LAC 05b

For Lacey’s look we were able to bring together a subtle combination of texture and color to look chic and modern while showing off her amazing red hair and vibrant smile.


Stay tuned for part three & four of our Apostrophe 
collaboration featuring the guys and their stories

A huge thank you to everyone who helped bring this shoot together!