Praising Polka Prints Particularly.

We think polka dots make everything just a bit cheerier.

This week’s look is (as always) completely thrifted,
and under $20 for the entire look.

When scouring the internet for fun polka pics, the overwhelming majority of the styles found were simply black & white. It’s not every day that one comes across color + polkadots in the same garment, so this sheer layered top was a great find, and for $3.00 – there was no passing it up.


dark denim :  $3.99 // heeled boots: $5.99
creamy cropped spotted top : $2.99 // long sleeved shrug : $1.99

 red rounds earrings : $2.49

Check out our  POLKA PARTY PIN BOARD on Pinterest.
And awhile back, actually did a DFI (Daily Fashion Inspiration) post on polka dots,
featuring a number of our lovely local bloggers.

Do you rock the dots? Why or why nots?


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