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Sounds like a rad video game, the newest innovation from some up & coming company, or an investment bank, right? Well, take your pick of the three, or all together, Sarkis says slick, relevant, and reliable. Funny how fitting that is.

My office is pretty much a hotbed for creatives who are going places. I had the pleasure of meeting Sarkis the other night and “going places” doesn’t even begin to sum it up.

Considering his impressive title, what he’s in charge of, his media presence, and his propensity to perpetually be on a plane to the next place that needs him, I’m just saying, you’d expect a bit more pretense. But turns out, this well-traveled mister not only knows a thing or two about most things, but is stylishly and refreshingly unpretentious.

As someone who embraces personal style, yet happens to often enjoy happy hour on a different coast than he had his morning cereal, how the heck does a guy construct a wardrobe that fits with that lifestyle?



  • [black] well-fitted jeans. casual, comfortable, go with anything.
  • [black] fitted blazer. notice we’ve now said fitted twice? OMG know your measurements!
  • [black] rimmed glasses. a stylish choice, but a functional staple nonetheless.
  • tee shirts. that fit. and don’t have a logo across the front.
  • a couple good watches. this one in particular is a Casio, but there’s something about a man who wears a watch, instead of only relying on his smartphone for the time that just feels dependable and classy.


  • pattern. the blue stripes on the basic tee make it. all black/neutral + a patterned piece: do it.
  • dash of color. these shoes happen to be extra fancy for being so casual. BUT. it’s great to have an unexpected pop. [This particular pair of shoes are limited edition from Sperry’s on 5th Avenue. Swanky chill.]
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As with any style profile, this is Sarkis’ style, not yours.
But we hope you’re inspired to find those pieces
that can be your convertible basics & polished flair.

Have a marvelous Monday, loves!
XO JJ & the crew




To my devoted manly readers – Happy Monday! So, you’re an everyday guy, and it’s pretty much accepted that most of the looks you see on runways internationally don’t directly translate into wearable looks for you, right? Well, a reoccurring topic of conversation lately at Juniper James has been how surprisingly wearable and hot the Balmain Fall line is. The runway pictures are something that real men could actually wear and look dead sexy in. And here at JJ, we definitely encourage & support the men of Sacramento looking more suave.

Check out the article on Balmain’s Fall Line.

We want you to be inspired to do your version of this look. You can do it dressy, slick and suave, or casual, layered & cool. A bit more preppy & nerdy, or more vagabond & rough. Mix up your colors, layers, and textures, and for pete’s sake – start looking for that perfect statement piece jacket!

The Dressy Balmain Look: {rich colors w/ bold accents or details}

  • slim-fitted dark slacks
  • collared shirt
  • long wrapped scarf
  • vest
  • double-breasted jacket with tall structured collar & large buttons
The Casual Balmain Look: {warm neutrals with comfortable layering}

  • skinny jeans
  • layered v-neck, henley tees, & sweaters
  • long wrapped scarf with lots of volume
  • chunky combat/doc martin type boots
  • double-breasted jacket with tall structured collar & large buttons
. . . .
So if you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s (NOT just for girls) a cool image collecting site where you can “pin” any image from the internet and make themed boards of images.
{Fair warning: it’s completely addicting.}
The JJ girls have their own boards that they’re adding to every day… but for your inspiration,
check out Kari & Sky’s men boards:  Skylar’s stylish men   //  Kari’s stylish men
. . . .
Do you like the Balmain look? Would you try it?
xo JJ

men’s fashion: RUNNING RAMPANT.


We met Jason back in April when we were putting on a big fashion show/fundraiser for people with disabilities {pics of the event HERE.}. He stepped in to save the day when another designer had dropped out, and we were SO happy to have him.

Not only is he a talented up & coming designer here in Sac, but an absolute sweetheart too. After working together on the show in April, he called a few weeks ago to say he wanted to make me a dress to wear to the upcoming Fashion’s Night Out Event. Just ’cause. See? Sweetheart. I want to show you the sketches for the fun & flirty dress, but they’re under wraps til the show. (!!)  { Rampant on FB. }

This is Jason’s dress in our fundraiser show. It was created from materials sourced from Thrift town. It started out as a large blue formal dress, a paisley skirt, and a pair of men’s pin-striped pants.

Below is a look at last year’s Rampant work…

When we caught up with Jason for the fitting the other day, we asked to see a recent piece (other than our dress), and he showed us some of his sweet new men’s wear…

Really liking this military-inspired lightweight jacket. Easy to throw on
over a t-shirt to add a little casual style to a simple look.

Mr. Powers has some big plans for the near future, one of which is a men’s lifeSTYLE blog. With  girly fashion bloggers abounding (whom we adore), it would be wonderful to have a consistent local guy’s perspective on style. We’ll keep you all in the loop.
In the meantime, go LIKE RAMPANT on FB.




As a man, one of the biggest pieces of
fashion advice we can give you is:
know your body, accurate sizing for everything,
and for goodness’ sake, get a TAILOR.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going to a barbeque or the ballet,
it’s a complete fallacy that only fancy clothes need to fit well.

We’ve featured him before, but it’s pretty  much a no-brainer to 
have our friend Sarkis hold down our Manly Monday this week, 
as he is the essence of dressing for one’s frame, regardless of the occasion.



CARH Event.

In my pre-Juniper James days, I spent years working with low-functioning children with Autism. In addition to that day-job, my husband has 3 adopted siblings with special needs. When I started Juniper James, my love for this population didn’t stop in order to focus on fashion.

Through writing on JJ about on my love for styling secondhand, I caught the attention of Thrift Town, who brought me into their company as a thrift stylist, blogger and event co-ordinator.

CARH is the local charity supported by Thrift Town, that exists in order to provide social events, and specialized heath care for people with special needs in our community. Can you say “perfect fit”?carh 16

carh 23

My lovely interns Skylar & Alicia helped with the fashion while we worked hand in hand with CARH’s Elisabeth Crawford to put on the charity’s first fundraiser fashion show.

carh 24

carh 15 carh 22

We had live music, a high end raffle, and a live auction by David Sobon’s company with delicious food and drinks to round out the experience. We were so happy to raise money for CARH to be able to continue to provide services for the beautiful clients we came to know & love.

Set at Cornerstone in Midtown Sacramento, the weather was gorgeous and the models were on cloud nine: professional hair & makeup and a great wardrobe brought it all together.

carh 03

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

All of the models were CARH’s clients with special needs (some of them were my past students!), and they walked the runway in 100% secondhand clothes from Thrift Town, styled by Elisabeth and I. The stage was set – and local celeb Kristin Marshall was emcee.

carh 10

The expressions on their faces as they walked down the runway were worth their weight in gold.

Thanks again to our emcee Kristin Marshall, and my amazing
team of women for making it such a memorable event!carh 08xo Kari & the JJ Crew