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ART IN SOLE: meet benjamins

men’s luxury in midtown:
show me the benjamins


Shoes handmade in California. Using the highest quality luxury fabrics and
traditional shoemaking techniques to bring you something incredible.

11057356_680714225371679_7525244411267292590_n Among the masses of cheap disposable fashion choices available from big box stores, an
independent retailer is making bold strides in men’s footwear here in Midtown Sacramento.


Founder & bespoke artisan, Benjamin Schwartz (above) continues to be a student
of his trade, bringing the best of an old world tradesmen’s craft and elevating it
for the modern discerning gentleman.

There is something intense about owning a pair of shoes that are truly handcrafted and custom.


We had a chance to stop by the inaugural retail location this past weekend and we

can’t wait for the grand opening. Every corner of the space is on point, a craftsman’s
workshop, and a sleek cool snapshot of the classic yet modern gentleman.


skip the trashy tabloids & get an education on style and class.

 [formative spaces]

  [ sole’s sanctuary]

BENJAMINS retail is located at
1104 R Street in the WAL retail space.

connect to BENJAMIN’S online:
website  //  on facebook  // IG + twitter: @benjaminsshoes


** top /model images via Benjamins
** additional images by Juniper James

MOMMA’S & MINI’S: now booking


If you’re a mom in the Sacramento area, NOW is your chance to get in on our Father’s Day mini-photoshoot sessions with your kids. After the success of our DADS & DARLINGS sessions for Mother’s Day gifts, we had a lot of requests for moms to get in on the action with their littles for dads.

Well, far be it from us to not give you what you want.

M+M final

 If you want in, email Kari ( ASAP,
as our Dads & Darlings shoot days filled up quick!

web 01

Once you email, just pick your time slot, receive payment info and be ready to go!
After the shoot we’ll send you a digital proof sheet and you pick your favorite 15 images.
We’ll then send you over the images you picked, ready to print, post and cherish.

web 02

Can’t wait!   xo K&S


SUMMER FRESH BASICS: standing in the GAP


When your weekend goes from one event to three, your wardrobe has to step it up. Our crew pulled some great pieces from GAP for our Friday night event, then, when Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon events came up – we got the chance to mix it up and show off the versatility of what we pulled. After the whirlwind of events, we’ve got one thing to say:

Dear GAP – we’re kinda smitten.
What do you say, let’s see where this thing goes?

gap 03  [ bright, fresh, clean & simple. ]

gap 01

the cuffed railroad girlfriend jeans add pattern, the hat and belt pull in some
texture. the BAG of course is the quintessential POP that pulls it all 02

and then, to mix it up a bit.

gap 04

tan wedges give it a bit of height and go
with the coral cardi on the little-bit-dressy vibe.

gap 14

We chose the red from a number of great bold colors, and made it run-around-townable
with this perfect worn-in jean jacket and flats. As the Friday event was all about moms,
this is a colorful pulled-together option for chasing little ones or running errands.

gap 15

Gorgeous momma Cara in the look.

gap 05

[original look we put together.]

gap 06

this mustard linen top was a huge hit!
add a coral skinny belt and some stripey patterned goodness, with
clean white eyelet shorts bringing it all together with subtle texture.

gap 07

Saturday afternoon, we mix it up with GAP’s adorable eyelet cutout dress.

gap 09

the flats keep it casual, but you could go with wedges or heels to dress it up even more.

gap 10a

the mustard top is the perfect compliment to the dress
in pulling off a sweet audrey-esque look.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

this look would usually translate to business casual. nice earrings and sensible heels…
so after we did that look, we amped it up a little (it’s all about versatility!).

gap 11

we took a casual office look and turned it into a classy/edgy night out look.
studded booties, tied-up instead of tucked-in, and a big statement necklace
and our girl is set.

Overall, as a stylist team, we see a lot of client closets chocked full of cheap, implulse-buy trendy pieces, because women buy straight off of a mannequin with no concept of proper fit, longevity or versatility. News flash: it’s better to be YOU, in functional, mix-and-matchable staple pieces that will last. We loved styling from GAP and hope our clients-to-be will be inspired to grow their wardrobe in that direction.


A huge thanks to Michael and his team at GAP for being so accommodating in the expanded events.

Our JJ Crew of stylists — proud to have you on our team. Thanks for all your hard work this week!

Thank you to our sweet hair & makeup artist Ashleigh who jumped in with both feet and saved the day for all 3 events! On Instagram: @shaymakeupcamakeup

And a big thank you to Stephanie and Emily with Westfield for the opportunity to work with these retailers and be a part of the whirlwind of events!

Cheers – Kari & the JJ Crew



We had a crazy (awesome) weekend!

The original plan was for our JJ team to work alongside the KidAround crew in putting on a big event for Friday May 1st at/with the Roseville Galleria (Westfield): “Mom’s Night Out” benefitting the charity Bright Pink (#VIPINKweekend).

Westfield connected us with 3 retailers to do our fashion vignettes for Friday – GAP, Athleta and Francesca’s, and we started gathering our models and puling thier looks… THEN, the we got a call Wednesday asking if we could bump it up a notch for VIPink and do a TV segment on Saturday morning, and the Saturday afternoon event as well.


Lucky for us, our JJ Crew is used to cranking it into high gear and making awesome happen. Here’s a look at some of the fun-filled whirlwind weekend.

002One of our stylists – Emily + our 3 models for Friday night [wearing Francesca’s, Athleta & GAP],
and me [in Francesca’s] taking advantage of the awesome photobooth.

ev 02

It was PACKED. We got to talk to so many awesome women about embracing
the body they have and creating a confident wardrobe. Happy place.

ev 01

So fun to have live models in this setup – lots of referrals to the
shops we styled from. And our ladies looked GOOD.

ev 03

Westfield went all out to make the weekend of events vibrant and bright (#brightpink).
Pretty sure we all wanted to take this awesome light-up tree and couch home with us.


It wouldn’t be 3 events in under 24 hours without a wardrobe change, now would it?
#feelingfab [thrifted dress + wedges. lace overlay: Francesca’s]

ka 01The amazing people who make Kidaround Magazine happen. So much fun to be a
part of this event with them, as well as celebrate the release of the MAY/JUNE ISSUE!

ka 02

Overall, it was a whirlwind of a good time, with great food, wine, fashion, friends and fun!
Looking forward to more events with Westfield in the future.


Check out our post on GAP featuring looks we styled for
this event, as well as ways to style your summer basics.

tyWe couldn’t have done this solo.

— Huge thanks to the teams at GAP, Athleta and Francesca’s for being so accommodating in the rush of events.

— To Kidaround for introducing us to Westfield, and co-producing Friday’s event.

— To 3 separate sets of models who worked it on TV, and their podiums during the events.

— To Stephanie & Emily with Westfield for the chance to work alongside them for the events.

— To Ashleigh (Makeup by Shay) who jumped in and did hair/makeup for all 3 events!

— As always: our killer JJ Crew for working hard behind the scenes to make it all come together.

Cheers! — Kari 

** photobooth images by: marc kallweit
** event images by: Sharon Hoyt Photography


Dear Sacramento Mommas,

Maybe the only thing cuter than your kids are pictures of your cute kids with their dads.


It was an honor to capture them for you. Here’s a couple of our Dads & Darlings:

dd 15

[ greg + his girls ]

dd 17

dd 14


[ryan & his daughter]

dd 05

dd 02

dd 01

[clay & his son]

dd 07

dd 06Nich & his littles.

dd 08

dd 09

dd 12a


All images by our talented photographer,

Want in on our Mommas + Mini’s shoot?
May 24 & 31 — email:






COACHELLA: the trek & what to wear


So stoked to finally be here at the fest after the monotonous  7hour 12 hour drive
from Sacramento. But we did find this gorgeous poppy field that tempered the
exhaustion of the draining trek a bit.


Here’s a roundup of some looks I put together (and will be rocking this weekend!)
that will be sure to turn heads all while staying comfortable.


Flats & sunscreen: you read our festival survival guide, right? Backpack via Bows & Arrows.


A little shade, a little dress & my trusty boots to survive the front-row dance-a-thon.


Simple boho sweet.


Have fun and stay hydrated, darlings!

Follow us on Instagram @juniperjames for our live festival fashion coverage.
And check back to see how we styled our looks and to check out all of our
highlights from Coachella!

xoxo, Marci


10 must-have festival items: THE COACHELLA SURVIVAL GUIDE


Dear Coachella Weekend Two:

You may not be as star-studded or filled with as many jaw-dropping special guest performances, but that’s OK. We’ve always loved the “underdog”.

If you scored the coveted second runner-up passes we have some tips on what and what not to bring to Coachella (or any other festival you may be attending this summer).

I’ll be camping, so many of these tips will get you through your weekend of “roughing” it. If you’re on your way and you don’t have something on this list, seriously, stop and get it.

Here’s my top 10 things to pack:

1. Sunscreen. Apply. Repeat.

2. Water. If you overpack anything, this should be it. Sure they sell it for a somewhat reasonable price of $2 a bottle incase you run out, but that will add up quick. You don’t want to be dipping into your food fund or have to pass on that awesome hatch print of your FAVORITE band.

5c9a14d8c73ed6f10ce609fb767c118f3. Comfortable shoes. Ladies, leave the heels at home. Do you know how many awesome shoes I had to turn down from packing that would have killed with my outfits? Don’t let the fashion bloggers or celebrities fool you. They are staying in Palm Springs attending pool parties during the day and popping in and out of the festival. You will be on your feet all day. Sandals are your friend. Preferably ones that cover your toes if you plan on getting close to the stage because they will more than likely get danced on.

4. Portable shower. This will be your best friend. Sure, you can wait in line for a free shower at your campsite, but these things are a lifesaver. Fill them up, let them sit in the sun to warm the water, and rinse yourself at your own leisure. Wet wipes are extremely important as well.

5. Snacks. I often end up bringing more food than I ever should (I like to eat, OK?). However, I usually end up eating at the food stands more often than I tell myself I will, so save on bringing too many perishable foods: granola bars, trail mix, pringles (avoid crushed chips!), sandwich supplies. Just keep it to a minimum.

6. Canopy. Another campsite must-have. Bring some tapestries to pin up around it for more shade and privacy. Not to mention you have your very own hippy fortress for the weekend!

7. Portable charger. There are plenty of charging tents inside the festival, but I’d rather not be sitting around waiting for that extra bar of life when I could be dancing to Little Dragon.

c4dde91bfbb7a8febcb154dd35e7c7df8. Bandana or scarf. It’s the desert. Dust storms can happen, and you want to be prepared to cover up when they do. And until said storms, there’s a ton of ways to rock it as part of your cute fest outfit.

9. Waterproof makeup. Eyeliner, mascara, and a long-lasting lip color if you are wearing it. You don’t want to be re-applying or have it running down your face. You have more important things to worry about. Also, stick with some tinted moisturizer or BB cream (bonus-it has SPF!) instead of any heavy foundations. Don’t be that girl.

10. Allergy meds. You never know how your body will react to different environments, so make sure to pack some so you aren’t suffering all weekend long.


Of course this is an extremely abbreviated packing list (I don’t need to tell you to bring your deodorant, do I?), but these are some of the things I don’t think anyone should be without when they are embarking on a weekend of music, dirt, and extremely hot temperatures.coachella-mojave-tent-sunset

Sidenote: Camping is THE way to experience a festival in my humble opinion. You make new friends, become closer to the ones you have, and if you’re lucky you just may start your morning to the sound of The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” being blasted in your campground…


We’re on our WAAAAY! Follow us on Instagram @juniperjames for our live
festival coverage. If you’re going too, say hi to us on IG!

Also, be sure to check back to see how we styled our
looks and to check out all of our highlights from Coachella!

xoxo,  Marci