10 must-have festival items: THE COACHELLA SURVIVAL GUIDE


10 must-have festival items: THE COACHELLA SURVIVAL GUIDE


Dear Coachella Weekend Two:

You may not be as star-studded or filled with as many jaw-dropping special guest performances, but that’s OK. We’ve always loved the “underdog”.

If you scored the coveted second runner-up passes we have some tips on what and what not to bring to Coachella (or any other festival you may be attending this summer).

I’ll be camping, so many of these tips will get you through your weekend of “roughing” it. If you’re on your way and you don’t have something on this list, seriously, stop and get it.

Here’s my top 10 things to pack:

1. Sunscreen. Apply. Repeat.

2. Water. If you overpack anything, this should be it. Sure they sell it for a somewhat reasonable price of $2 a bottle incase you run out, but that will add up quick. You don’t want to be dipping into your food fund or have to pass on that awesome hatch print of your FAVORITE band.

5c9a14d8c73ed6f10ce609fb767c118f3. Comfortable shoes. Ladies, leave the heels at home. Do you know how many awesome shoes I had to turn down from packing that would have killed with my outfits? Don’t let the fashion bloggers or celebrities fool you. They are staying in Palm Springs attending pool parties during the day and popping in and out of the festival. You will be on your feet all day. Sandals are your friend. Preferably ones that cover your toes if you plan on getting close to the stage because they will more than likely get danced on.

4. Portable shower. This will be your best friend. Sure, you can wait in line for a free shower at your campsite, but these things are a lifesaver. Fill them up, let them sit in the sun to warm the water, and rinse yourself at your own leisure. Wet wipes are extremely important as well.

5. Snacks. I often end up bringing more food than I ever should (I like to eat, OK?). However, I usually end up eating at the food stands more often than I tell myself I will, so save on bringing too many perishable foods: granola bars, trail mix, pringles (avoid crushed chips!), sandwich supplies. Just keep it to a minimum.

6. Canopy. Another campsite must-have. Bring some tapestries to pin up around it for more shade and privacy. Not to mention you have your very own hippy fortress for the weekend!

7. Portable charger. There are plenty of charging tents inside the festival, but I’d rather not be sitting around waiting for that extra bar of life when I could be dancing to Little Dragon.

c4dde91bfbb7a8febcb154dd35e7c7df8. Bandana or scarf. It’s the desert. Dust storms can happen, and you want to be prepared to cover up when they do. And until said storms, there’s a ton of ways to rock it as part of your cute fest outfit.

9. Waterproof makeup. Eyeliner, mascara, and a long-lasting lip color if you are wearing it. You don’t want to be re-applying or have it running down your face. You have more important things to worry about. Also, stick with some tinted moisturizer or BB cream (bonus-it has SPF!) instead of any heavy foundations. Don’t be that girl.

10. Allergy meds. You never know how your body will react to different environments, so make sure to pack some so you aren’t suffering all weekend long.


Of course this is an extremely abbreviated packing list (I don’t need to tell you to bring your deodorant, do I?), but these are some of the things I don’t think anyone should be without when they are embarking on a weekend of music, dirt, and extremely hot temperatures.coachella-mojave-tent-sunset

Sidenote: Camping is THE way to experience a festival in my humble opinion. You make new friends, become closer to the ones you have, and if you’re lucky you just may start your morning to the sound of The Lion King’s “Circle of Life” being blasted in your campground…


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